In advance表示「预先」的意思。

I feel peaceful when I listen to music. 听音乐能让我平静。

I joined a fanclub of a famous singer. 我参加了—位知名歌手的歌迷俱乐部。

Watching a movie makes me feel relaxed. 看电影能让我放松。

It’s better to book seats in advance. 最好预先订位。

Playing basketball can build up team spirit. 打篮球能培养团队精神。

Let’s form a basketball team. 我们组个篮球队吧!



What kind of music do you prefer? 你喜欢哪种音乐类型?

Whattype of movies do you like? 你喜欢哪种电影类型?

Comedy is always my first choice. 喜剧片永远是我的优先选择。